Sunday, February 19, 2012

A brief interruption, and one heck of a place to leave a freshly kidnapped girlfriend

This'll teach me to do anything interesting, ever.  Literally the day after posting the first action-heavy scene in Father Lucifer, chaos of an almost entirely good kind (CAEGK, which sounds like a noise a cat makes bringing up a hairball) erupted into my life.  This is rather like what some other writers refer to as a Sekrit Project, which is probably a reference to something or other that I missed along the way.  Anyway, can't talk about it yet, will be great if it happens, and won't know for a couple few weeks I think ... but I should be back on the regular job around Wednesday or Thursday, and all blogs will resume normality shortly after that.  So meanwhile Hal's unconscious, Stacy is kidnapped, and Breit is still a gross old poop, but Hal will just have to depend on him anyway, because he is the only Good Guy on his feet at the moment.  Might get something in late this week but will probably let it ride around till Tuesday the 28th.