For anyone coming in late, what this is about

It's a novel being published as a series of blog posts.  Start reading with the oldest posts (the ones furthest down the page.

General info:

Front material: I claim copyright under US and international law.  But for the moment, while this blog is up, feel free to download and copy as long as you don't change things or pass it off as someone else's work.

By way of preface: I'd wanted to do a hardboiled detective series about a contemporary young detective in Denver for a long time.  For a variety of reasons, my agent didn't like the idea much, and didn't put it in front of editors, preferring to ask for yet one more rewrite; one of the reasons he didn't like it much was that it wasn't anything like what editors said they wanted and he thought it violated a lot of de facto taboos in the mystery genre.  But I'm in process of disentangling from that agent, and might not ever have another agent again, and this is the brave new indie world.

So sometime late every Tuesday night, I'm going to post about two thousand more words of Father Lucifer, until it's done.  (Actually today you're getting 2800, just for trying something brand new).  Every now and then I'll accumulate past postings into chapters, which I'll post here and make available for various reader-gadgets as well.  Read it, see if you like it, and if you do, tell other people.  

When it's all done, I'll put it up as a Metrocles House book, and we'll see how folks like it.

The title, by the way, is a reference to this, which  I think is one of those songs that really is just made of awesome.